unionfs-fuse for DreamOS

  • Look, business of the cheap clone boxes and the people patching software and supporting it to generate revenue for these manufacturers and retailers have costed DP quite a lot of revenue and money, which was not available to invest in better Software and new Hardware in the last couple of years.

    You and others also violated MY rights on MY software as the author, which means technically I could sue you as most of my plugins don't have a license, which means every change or expressed misuse from my side is an immediate copy rights violation.

    If you behave, we will still not punish you, as everybody can download what we are offering here or ask questions and point out his opinion.

    BUT you have to accept that I'm having the freedom to decide NOT to support somebody, beyond some very basic information, which he could have gained himself anyway and which are only a matter of politeness from my side.

  • I'm not expecting any things ...

    keep your hugging and kissing and endless love to your family.

    Just I told you what happens. No things more .

    God (Allah) did not create us to fight ... BUT to live in peace and tolerance.

    And I'm really so much sorry to come here and asked your help.

    Also I really appreciate your answer to me.

    Good bye