Audio Selection Plus Plugin by gutemine

  • Hi gutemine,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your work with Autolanguage plugin. It's all ok ..
    I would like to do the same work for the subtitle part. Could you please help me to do this???

    Thank you in advance !

  • when you are starting with subtitles plugin, it would be great if you create a complete new subtitles plugin. Since in Germany They hardly use subtitles, it is never developped (further) by DMM e.a. I do not have enough knowledge of python to do this, but not only auto languages selection of subtitles is important but also configurable:

    - position at the screen of subtitles (h and v)
    - configuring linebreaking of subtitles
    - font of subtitles
    - size of subtitles
    - color of subtitles

    I know In he EMC plugin there is a setting to choose autom. the first 3. subtitle languages but this is for recorded movies, maybe you can use the source to build in a new plugin. Also there is some work done by makes of another (Dutch) image.

    Boxes in use: DM 920, 920, 7080
    Image: u.a. DP default-hd
    Skin..: u.a. orignal DP (unstable),

  • @DeX*

    Your quote already contains already all that is needed to implement it. If you already have problem reading half a page of code for doing the selection then it is useless to give you any further help as this would mean writing the approx. 20 code lines myslef.

    Bad mood, bad manners, bad Plugins, you have been warned :whistling:

  • Gutemine, with respect to your contributions to us Dreambox users I ask you to respect that for the most of us it is not as easy if not impossible to read code (no matter how much) and then to adapt it for personal changes or to write a completely new plugin. You repeatedly state your personnal preferences to be reason for or against the implementation of custom features. In my opinion, if you provide a service or plugin to the public audience taking your personnal preferences as the foundation for limitations is inappropriate. Also, you repeatedly state how easy it is to adapt from your code. If that is the case why do you make it such a big deal to adapt your code and just create a subtitles plugin as well? You seem to have big coding knowledge in the language required, namely Python, that it should be done within 1 hour - to quote your own statement. Our deepest thankfulness would be yours forever.

    I've read and watched many threads of you or with your participation across several forums and noted that very often you argue in kinda respectless and patronising way or ask people to do it theirselfes adapting from you code even though most of the requests come from people with absolutely no programming knowledge. Very often I wonder about your motivation, whether it may be that you like to play with the dependence of us untaughts or if you just think we all are just too lame to write code ourselfes or if you just don't (wanna) see that we're untaught. Or is it just that you want the people to beg you over and over again to feel like a great programmer? Note, a programming language is not teached at school like is a second or third foreign language. So please consider that most of the people asking you for features or improvements are untaught.

    Don't get me wrong! I don't wanna offend you. It is just well-meant food for thought for a more respectful interaction.

  • I already explained that I don't use subtitles and hence are not interested and I also explained why I'm not needed anymore either. If you see this as patronizing that I decide myself what to spend my time on ...

    Bad mood, bad manners, bad Plugins, you have been warned :whistling: